Into the Lake

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ISBN: 1838264442

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💦Into the Lake

💦LK Chapman


💦304 Pages

💦Short Synopsis💦

💦Into the Lake tells the story of a couple, Natalie & Josh,  trying to plan their wedding while dealing with horrid comments about themselves on social media. 

💦These comments drag them back to their teenage years & a tragedy that occurred. Was there more to that tragedy? Was it actually a murder? What really happened? Will there relationship survive the strife?

💦My Thoughts 💦

💦This is an interesting story. It kind of moves backwards giving a bird’s eye view of what happened in the past interspersed with what’s happening in the present. I wobbled back and forth guessing who could have done what. 

💦Don’t expect to feel the same towards the characters throughout the whole book. Shit happens & I changed my opinion about a couple characters. 

💦Overall, I enjoyed Into the Lake. 

💦Thank you to Random Things Tours, LK Chapman, & the publisher for providing an ebook to read and review. 

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