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I Don’t Belong Here

book cover

Published: 6/16/2021

Format: Kindle Edition


I Don’t Belong Here

I received this book from Tayla Jean Grossberg to read & review. The following is review is my own opinion.  

Short Synopsis

Charlotte is a sixteen-year-old with the ability to see ghosts, a family trait from her grandma. Sadly, her grandma is the only one who believes her when incidents arise. 

Having a tight relationship with her sister, Charlotte agrees to drive her to a party. Her sister ends up staying overnight while Charlotte heads home. She ends up witnessing a murder on the way there. 

Charlotte is pretty much a loner so she keeps the murder to herself & tries to deal with the oddities that happen after the fact. Her parents have a tendency to not believe her when she goes to them. She finds a kindred spirit in Dimitri. He is there for her without judgment but misses important dates as well. 

Life gets messy while Charlotte learns how to deal with her unusual ability. Ghostly events and mayhem follow her around like a puppy. 

My Thoughts

I love, love, love this book! 💕It deals with many issues including feeling like the black sheep, the paranormal, family dynamics, young love, murder, alcoholism, cancer, & death. Although that sounds heavy, it isn’t. The book is so well written that it all blends together seamlessly without seeming over the top. 

I encourage you to read I Don’t Belong Here. I read it in one day. It was one of those stories I couldn’t put down until I finished. Figuring out a couple of things surprised me because that isn’t my typical experience. This didn’t take away from the story though. It is a fantastic read!

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