person with a gun next to a car

Hunt The Judge (A Boarding Case Mystery Book 5)

person with a gun next to a car

Hunt The Judge (A Boarding Case Mystery Book 5)



In Hunt the Judge, book five and the series finale of A Boarding Case Mystery,  Agent Tina James continues her search for her friend Nick, not knowing if he is involved in her investigation or not.  The investigation moves forward as she continues working with Principal Amy to figure out who is responsible for pushing young girls to suicide.  

The case leads them to the luxurious Marble House where they are separated.  Tina ends up on a secret floor where a surprise awaits.  This takes her to the observatory, the highest building in town.  This is where the mystery ends.  I don’t want to give anything away.  

Hunt the Judge was a quick read and I was ready to learn who was responsible for the suicides and why. I had a general idea of who it was, but was also surprised at the ending.  I do think that some of the clues that popped into Agent Tina’s head came out of nowhere. This seemed odd and was a bit of an irritation for me. It seemed more like a psychic ability as opposed to investigative skill. It did mention that clues called to her, so perhaps it was more of a psychic skill. 

If you enjoy short mysteries, this series fits the bill.  You can read each one in an evening, and continue with the next book when you have the time. Since each book is a short story, I didn’t feel like there was as much detail in the investigation compared to full novels.  I like to get into the investigation a bit more when I read a mystery.  All in all, Hunt the Judge is an uncomplicated mystery with a surprise ending. I always love surprise endings!  


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