A couple in winter gear

His Christmas Wish (Mountain Rescue Romance, #1)

A couple in winter gear

His Christmas Wish


The Gist

His Christmas Wish by Melissa McClone starts with Carly returning to Hood Hamlet after being gone for six years.  Her brother and his best friend Iain, her fiance, were deceased; a victim of the mountain they loved.  Her sister-in-law, now remarried, was due to have her baby so Carly returned to care for her niece and nephew.  Jake, who was friends with her brother since childhood, has a bit of a crush on Carly.  Carly is still dealing with the pain of losing her fiance, Iain, and has no desire to be in a relationship.  She’s dealt with enough heartache.


My Thoughts

His Christmas Wish was a beautifully written clean romance, wrapped around the holiday season.  The characters’ emotions were heartfelt and honest.  I found it to be a touching story that dealt with sad facts of life, death and grieving, while bringing out the good that can still happen.  


Say What?

Jake was the kindest, most patient man ever.  His life was all about helping others and putting their needs before his own.  He was a bit of a saint with no negative aspects to his looks or personality.  Hmmmm…..I would like to know a couple of faults!  He has to have at least one, right?  Carly hadn’t been back to Hood Hamlet in six years.  Six years without seeing her niece and nephew,  the only part of her brother that’s left?  That would be a tough row to hoe.


What’s the Verdict?

I loved this tender love story that also incorporated many of the not so happy parts of life, making it much more realistic.  This was my first Melissa McClone book and man, can that woman write!  Even knowing how love stories typically end, I was excited to find out what happened with Carly and Jake.  I was rooting for them throughout the book.  It’s December 2020 and Covid has taken so much away from us.  Take some time to read this sweet romance and brighten your day.  If you love it, there are four more books in this series.

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