bride and groom on beach

Hibiscus Christmas (Embers on Ice Book 3)

bride and groom on beach

Format: Kindle Edition


Hibiscus Christmas is a romance that isn’t simply a bunch of lovey-dovey fluff. This is the third book in the Embers on Ice series. I haven’t read the first two books and still enjoyed Hibiscus Christmas. It would have been nice to know the background, but I will still read them later. 

Orion is the bride who is looking forward to a beautiful winter wedding in her hometown when a horrendous storm puts the kibosh on that plan. Hawaii is brought up as an alternative, as her fiance has unlimited funds. Orion is a bit miffed about losing her dream wedding but makes due once the decision to move the wedding is made. 

The setting moves to Hawaii where Matt and Orion try to organize their wedding while dealing with the paparazzi and the Lost Shadows gang. Will the wedding go off without a hitch or will trouble from the past throw off their happily ever after?

I enjoyed reading Hibiscus Christmas. It was a romance with a side of adventure thrown in. It wasn’t filled with sexual scenes but made it clear that Matt and Orion were in love and anxiously awaiting their wedding day and night! 

Hibiscus Christmas was a good read in the holiday fiction/romance genre. I typically only read Christmas stories in November and December. I made an exception for this one though. Although Hibiscus Christmas obviously involves Christmas, the storyline is more about the mystery surrounding the Lost Shadows and the romance and wedding between Orion and Matt. I suggest you grab a copy and get to reading!

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