flowers and a dragonfly

Her Daughter’s Mother

flowers and a dragonfly

Her Daughter's Mother


Her Daughter’s Mother tells the story of a couple, Lana and Tyler, facing ongoing fertility challenges. They’ve come to the point where using another woman’s eggs for the IVF process is their last hope. 

Finding just the right donor is imperative to them, especially Lana. She wants an anonymous donor so there are no problems in the future. Finding a Bulgarian donor is also important to Lana, as that is part of her heritage. Bulgarian egg donors were not easy to find, so when her husband suggests putting up fliers looking for a donor, she shuts him down quickly. 

Tyler goes against her wishes and puts up flyers on the college campus where he works. This is where Katya steps into the picture. She’s Bulgarian, young, beautiful, and healthy. Most importantly, she is willing to donate eggs.  

Meanwhile, Tyler steps back from his relationship with Lana just before the IVF process begins. This is where the lies, stalking, and odd relationships come out of the woodwork. Nothing is as it seems in this twisty tale.

Her Daughter’s Mother was an interesting read. I loved the twists and turns that threw my thoughts for a loop more than once as I read about the difficulties these characters faced. I found myself disgusted with Lana, Tyler, and Katya as they made unfortunate decisions. The only likable one was Katya’s mother who doesn’t enter the story until towards the end of the book. I must say that the ending made me like Tyler and Katya a bit more. I just couldn’t change my feelings about Lana though. This isn’t a happy story. It is full of drama, so if you are into that, you will more than likely enjoy reading Her Daughter’s Mother

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