Grave Danger (A Boarding Case Mystery Book 4)

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Grave Danger (A Boarding Case Mystery Book 4)



Laura Greene pumps the tires full with this one!  In Grave Danger, Tina finds herself in the hospital with collapsed lungs after diving off a bridge into the Atlantic to save Ella. Learning that Nick is still missing, she takes a turn for the worse. Her ex, Dale, sticks by her side, realizing he is still in love with her.  

Tina wants nothing more than to recover and continue with her investigation.  She intends to find Nick, whether he has anything to do with the mysterious suicides at the school or not.  She has feelings for this man.  Where is he and why are these girls dying?  

A message from an unknown number takes her to a residence where she finds the mother of Charlie, the janitor at the school.  What can she learn about the case here? Charlie seems like a normal guy, but as we know from real live cases, murderers often do.  

I wouldn’t have picked Nick or Charlie as a possible suspect in this case.  The end of each story in this series leaves me wanting more. I need to know where the voices are coming from, the strange ones that tell the girls to kill themselves.  I’m anxious to eventually learn more about this.  

Towards the end of Grave Danger, references to a cult come to light.  What a strange direction this case is moving in.  And this is where it ends, for now.  I can’t wait to see where this new bit of information will lead to in the next book in the next Boarding Case Mystery!  

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