Fly Away (Firefly Lane #2)

Fly Away

Fly Away


Published: 2/2020

Format: Kindle Edition


Fly Away is a continuation of Tully and Kate’s story that began in their teenage years in Firefly Lane. Fly Away deals more with the aftermath of death; how those left behind have to go on while dealing with a vise-grip of sadness surrounding them. 

This book deals with a serious catatonic state and delves into the afterlife a bit as well. Although I was ready to see where the characters were headed after Firefly Lane, I wasn’t expecting the story to deal with grief the way it did. Of the two books, I most certainly liked Firefly Lane more than Fly Away, but I would suggest them both to you. They share the theme that we shouldn’t take life for granted, which is something that we need to be reminded of at times.  Raw and gritty, Fly Away is worth the read.

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