woman in red sweater walking down street

EYEWITNESS: Mystery Suspense Thriller Book 1

woman in red sweater walking down street

EYEWITNESS: Mystery Suspense Thriller Book 1


ISBN: B09653D4L2

Eyewitness is what a thriller is all about! When I got to the end I was shocked that it was over. I needed to find out more and now have to wait for the next book in the series.


Eyewitness begins when Johanna wakes up in Winston Woods, a park, not sure where she is or what is going on. As she finds her way to her car, it all comes back to her. Murder! A man had murdered a woman in the car parked next to hers the night before, and she ran into the woods to get away from the murderer. She makes a call to the police who don’t really believe her due to a lack of evidence.

It becomes more of a serious matter when the owner of the car is found dead in her home. There is a twist at this point as Johanna is called to the home to identify the woman.

Shockingly, a man confesses to the crime. He isn’t the man Johanna saw at the park though. She goes on to try to figure out what happened with the help of her friend, Marnie, and the murdered woman’s relative, Thomas. Johanna and Marnie, as unofficial detectives, end up back at the park where they see something suspicious. They hightail it out of there when Johanna realizes what is going on. This is where the cliffhanger hits, and it hits hard. I was ready to see what happened, I turned the page, and BAM. There were no more pages. Now I have to wait until Marc Timms writes the next book in this series.  

My Thoughts

This was my kind of thriller; a murder with a twist. The characters were pretty realistic. They did a few dumb things, but who doesn’t, a character in a book or not? I found Johanna likable and Marnie a bit of a high-strung kind of gal. I am not sure what to think of Tomas at this point. Is he good, is he bad? That should come out later in the series. For now, I am guessing he will turn out to be one of the bad guys. We shall see. 

Although I kept thinking they were doing things they shouldn’t be doing, I was excited as they found clues. These “unofficial” detectives seem to find out more than the actual police do. I don’t care who figures this case out. I just need to know!

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