Eyewitness 2

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I received an advanced copy to read and review. Johanna and Marnie continue their unofficial investigation in Eyewitness 2. The murders are piling up and no one knows if there is anything connecting them to each other. 


These ladies take their information to the police who find them difficult to believe. As they try to figure out what is happening, they find themselves in danger. Cars are stolen and used for no good. People are murdered. A fire is set. Jessica, who was murdered in book 1, has a family that seems a bit seedy and greedy. Jessica’s will or lack of it may play into this investigation. Your guess is as good as mine as far as who the murderer is. 

Thomas seems a little shifty still. A couple of attacks seem to be aimed at him instead of Johanna. He ends up in the hospital due to one of them. His ex-wife Carolyn enters the picture when she is notified of his accident. She is a sure of herself, haughty type of lady who jumps right in on the unofficial investigation. Thomas’s dad is introduced at the end of the book and my instincts say he will be a bit of a creep. 

My Thoughts

As with Eyewitness 1, I enjoyed reading this. New characters are introduced and the investigation continues. I am looking forward to seeing how all of the pieces fit together. I am curious to know who the murderer is. Is it someone who has already been introduced or a character that has yet to meet our acquaintance?  We shall see when the next book hits the shelves.


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