Endless Winter

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Endless Winter

Grace Hamilton & Riley Miller

Dystopian Fiction

921 Pages

Endless Winter throws this apocalypse on its head. 

Short Synopsis 

Endless Winter is made up of three parts. Each part is a book in itself, which is why there are 921 pages. 

Scientists shrewd up while trying to fix climate change. Snow starts coming down like there is no tomorrow, and it isn’t stopping anytime soon. 

My Thoughts

I am a big fan of apocalyptic stories. Endless Winter dealt with this differently using snow as the issue. 

There weren’t a lot of other people around as they had either evacuated to the south or the weather took them out. Fewer people mean fewer run-ins with horrible, jerk-face entitled groups who kill and take what they want. 

Of course, there was a bit of fighting those rotten people. These parts are so intense for me, as I am invested in the good guys, and tend to put myself in their place. 

Endless snow is a scary thought. Environment issues caused by humans, yikes. Strong female characters, love it. Teamwork to save themselves, inspiring. Overcoming personal hindrances, inspiring.

Endless Winter is a good read, taking you along on a fight to stay alive. If you like dystopian books, give this one a go! 

Thank you to Grace Hamilton & Bookfunnel for providing an ARC to read & review. 


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