two people with a city on fire behind them

Emerging Chaos (EMP Disaster #1)

two people with a city on fire behind them


I received an ARC to read & review from Grace Hamilton. Thank you! Following is my honest opinion. 


Emerging Chaos tells the story of the chaos that takes over when all electronics go haywire, then quit for the long run. 

A family plus a few friends work together to overcome the evil that prevails immediately after the power goes kaput. The story is one of survival filled with murder leading you to wonder if the good people are really good. 

My Thoughts

I typically like post-apocalyptic stories. Emerging Chaos gave a startling glimpse of what people will do to protect their own, & it isn’t a pretty picture. 

One thing I didn’t like was the entire book only captured one day, the day the power quit. In the very end, it did go a few days beyond that, but that wasn’t a substantial part of the story. I feel like it was pretty long for one day. I sure hope the world wouldn’t go crazy this fast!  

If you get a thrill from fast-paced post-apocalyptic action, this is a book for you. 

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