man & child walking in snow

Edge of Madness (Edge of Collapse #2)

man & child walking in snow

Edge of Madness



Edge of Madness flips the coin going from Natalie’s life in Edge of Collapse to her husband’s life.  Noah’s wife disappeared five years ago.  He suspects she was taken but has no information to prove that is true. Noah is left alone to care for their son, Milo, who’s developed Addison’s Disease.  He needs to be watched carefully and given medication on a strict schedule.

During their ride on a ski life, Noah and Milo find themselves stuck towering above the ground with a storm swirling around them.  With a handful of others, they must figure out a way to get down when they realize no one is coming to help them.  

The real madness begins as Noah realizes an EMT has left the country without power, phones, or anything else electronics, including newer vehicles.  Noah, with a small group of police officers, needs to keep the community safe and cared for.  He’s gone from a small town cop to trying to protect people from the troubled individuals that call Fall Creek home.  They’ve caused problems in the past, but they have taken their crimes to a whole new level.  

As the townspeople try to survive in the cold Michigan winter, food and shelter are offered to those in need.  Quinn becomes a part of Noah and Milo’s life after they survived the ski lift ordeal together. They seem to save each other’s rear ends  throughout the story. I enjoyed the inclusion of this feisty teenager whose attitude and knowledge of survival skills make her an excellent addition to the Edge of Madness.  

As expected, there are many issues that pop up almost immediately after the power and electronics stop.  The bad get worse, the good push on, and evil leads to some horrific incidents.  The world has become a scary place, even in Fall Creek.  I read with bated breath feeling as if I was the one dealing with the threats as they unfolded. I want the good guys to prevail and the evil ones to be stopped.  

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