woman & dog walking away in snowy landscape

Edge of Darkness (Edge of Collapse #3)

woman & dog walking away in snowy landscape


A week after an EMP left them with no power or electronics of any kind, Hannah is still struggling to be free from her past and find her way home. Liam, the man who found her in the woods and saved her life, is helping her find her way while Ghost, the giant white dog, has a serious wound he acquired while protecting Hannah from her captor who continues to hunt her. Ghost isn’t the only one hurt, as Hannah has bumps and bruises as well. They must find help for him; she can’t handle losing Ghost.   

This need leads them to a veterinarian’s office in a small town. While there, Liam begins teaching Hannah how to protect herself, as Pike was still tracking her. She knows he won’t let up. She was correct to worry. Pike’s actions lead them to an empty home to hunker down for a while. All kinds of hell breaks loose while they are there. 

Noah tries to care for his son and for Falls Creek. It is an impossible task. Friends are changing, and not in a good way. The people are restless, food is scarce, and everyone is scared. The townspeople are demanding justice for the killing of many of their people. The only good Noah can find through all of this is his son and their relationship with Molly and Quinn.

I find myself on edge as I continue reading. I feel the fear and stress that these characters are experiencing. It is easy to immerse yourself in this series. I want Pike gone, yet the bad guy always adds to the story. The good characters are easy to attach yourself to and I find myself rooting for them and concerned when I feel they have made bad decisions. This series is phenomenal! I can’t put these books down. I am reading book six right now and haven’t taken the time to write the reviews in between because I didn’t want to lose reading time! The Edge of Collapse Series is currently free with Kindle Unlimited. Do yourself a favor and read Edge of Collapse, book one. Be ready to kick it into gear as you will want to continue on!  

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