Eden’s Shadow

Eden's Shadow

Eden's Shadow



Wow, Eden’s Shadow is a doozy!  I’ve never read an end of days story like this one. It involves many oddities that make it a fascinating read. The characters try to find their way back to normal life while figuring out what happened to them in the first place. 

A small group of people wake-up, each in their own cabin. Wondering out, they find they are alone in the wilderness with most of the items they need to survive as people did in the past.  No electricity, technology, vehicles, or any of the conveniences they remember are available. The world around them gives no indication of others or lets them know how long they have been asleep. One major difference is there is no pollution or other ills that were caused by people. 

Emmett Swan took post-apocalyptic to a whole new level with Eden’s Shadow. I was enthralled as I learned about this group’s accomplishments. They needed so much, to begin with, then preparations for winter began  It made me wonder if your average person would be able to stay alive in this type of situation. Could they figure out how to get what they need from the environment? I kind of doubt it. Today’s society has no reason to learn the ways of the past. Eden’s Shadow is worth a read. Be ready for a post-apocalyptic world that you wouldn’t expect.

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