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Published: 4/27/2020

Format: Kindle Edition


Eden is a lengthy novel portraying a woman’s messed up life which leads back to her childhood in the small town of Eden. Being the only one left from her family of four, Evelyn finds that what she knew to be true wasn’t, and she had suffered for years believing these lies.  She is on a downhill slide taking her daughter with her. Lies were a way of life for Evelyn.  Lies and lots of alcohol made her life easier to deal with.  

Eden’s lies take Evelyn back to her childhood home when a child’s body is found on the family property.  Staying in this home in Eden brings danger and the hard truth to Evelyn’s life.  Is Eden the source of evil or is it the people who caused her so much pain?  Can she deal with the truth and in turn open up to her daughter and become a better mother?  There is much to learn as you read through this book.  Things aren’t always as they seem in Eden.

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