Echo Breaker

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ISBN: 1953062237

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Echo Breaker

Book 1 Not Enough Series 

Eden Wolfe & Craig Martelle

314 Pages 

Short Synopsis 

Echo Breaker took me for a dive into another world, an echo world. A world that offers to fulfill your greatest dreams, but to do this takes you away from the real world. The echo world is not real. There is a fault there somewhere, and when it is found, the echo closes. 

Ravlen is only twelve, but she is special. Born in the echo, she has capabilities that others don’t. Can she use them to help herself and others?

My Thoughts 

I enjoyed this unique take on another world. I especially loved the echo world. Each echo world is unique because they are formed from people’s greatest desires. They never know what they will find. 

The characters are spunky, courageous, & caring for the most part. There are a few you’d like to give a good square kick in the pants too. This makes the story sizzle!

This is a three book series. I am excited to jump into the next one! 

Thank you to Eden Wolfe for providing a book to read & review. 

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