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Dark Obsessions

Sʜᴏᴿᴛ Sʏɴᴏᴘsɪs

In Dark Obsessions Detective Kate Barnes is supposed to be taking some time for herself after solving a horrendous case. 

She heads to the Olympic Peninsula, hoping to talk to her mother about her debilitating childhood; her mother hasn’t been in her life since she left home, and for a good reason. 

Now she’s been sucked into a local case involving human trafficking. Will she come out of this one alive?

Mʸ Tᴴᴼᵁᴳᴴᵀs

Holy cow! This is a good one, my friends. I haven’t read the first book yet, and you can bet I’m going to. 

Dark Obsessions leads the reader through a case we are all appalled with — the human trafficking of teenage girls. It tells what’s necessary to the story but doesn’t go into graphic detail. 

Those using these girls have dark obsessions, making finding them a focus for Kate and the local sheriff, Tony. 

I whipped through Dark Obsessions in two days. It is on point with the plot and the characters, drawing you in until the end and leading into the next book in the series. The action keeps you on your toes, and a bit of romance rounds it off. Marie’s writing is detailed and flows like a fine wine. 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers or crime. It will rock your socks off. 

Thank you to R&R Book Tours, the author, and the publisher for providing this book for me to read and review. 💕



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