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Cupcakes for Christmas (Return to Willoughby Close, #1)

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Cupcakes for Christmas



Cupcakes for Christmas is the cutest Christmas romance and it doesn’t take long to read.  It is part of Kate Hewitt’s Willoughby Close Series, the only one I’ve read so far.  Olivia is a thirty something year old living above her bakery, with the clever name Tea on the Lea.  Why so clever?  The store is next to the Lea River in England’s Cotswolds.

I always enjoy books from authors in England as the spelling changes in some of the words are interesting to see.  I even use the dictionary on my Kindle to learn some of the words that are specific to the area.  That is another great service my Kindle provides!  Only my fellow word nerds probably understand the need to do this.  

The setting was quaint and made me want to visit!  It sounds delightful, especially at Christmas time.  The story centers around the bakery, but also delves into some difficult subjects like death, depression, and Alheimers.  I felt Kate brought all of those issues into the story in a way that focused on the seriousness of them, while still keeping the story focused on the budding romance.  Life isn’t perfect which is definitely a real life thing!

This is the perfect story to read this month.  The characters are everyday people with everyday problems.  The storyline is believable as well.  Grab a blanket and a beverage, maybe a Christmas cookie, and get to reading!  You will be glad you did!

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