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Culling (Lower Earth Rising #2)

woman in red cloak



ISBN: B08L44T2Q4

The Gist

Queen Ariane

I received this book from the author in return for an honest review. The Culling is the second in the Lower Rising series by Eden Wolfe. The story continues with a new young queen ruling the roost.  Queen Ariane is young and genetically modified to be emotionless.  Culling people is a necessity in her mind. Genetic design is a way of life as the descendants try to keep Lower Earth populated, and it helps provide an army in case of an attack.    


Genetic Modification

Leadon is part of the genetic modification program and is a Warrior Priestess in Gana.  She is a genetic “Replica” to the Commandante, Irene.  Lea is chosen as the Chief of Gana and leads her people throughout the story.    


Lower Earth’s Problems

The Willing Woman program has changed and women aren’t needed for gestation anymore.  This new program produces children with mental problems that can’t be fixed.  Men are degrading, which means their bodies give out on them before old age. There are problems with growing healthy crops, strange illnesses, and the threat of “disappearing” always at the forefront of the residents’ minds. Throw in a secret pregnancy, the reappearance of Rose, death, and a hidden boy child, and you have one heck of an adventure. 


My Thoughts

As with Selfsame, I found myself immersed in this story.  Ariane’s backstory leads to some unforeseen events in The Culling.  The story takes us to other counties of Lower Earth and some new characters are introduced.   

The whole genetic code element adds a little something extra to The Culling.  They try to improve people to their specifications, but end up with unforeseen issues and others sneaking around to try to alleviate the problems.

The queen’s solution to cull people is horrifying, but I like how it brings out the good in others.  Rose is one of my favorite characters.  She has the most intricate personality and no one knows what she is capable of.  She is a force to be reckoned with!  The end gives me hope of reading more about Rose in book three.   


Say What? 

The one thing that gets me while reading this series is the names of the characters.  They work well given it is Science Fiction, but I find myself struggling with how to say the names.  I know it doesn’t make any difference to the story if I mispronounce names.  I just like to know how to pronounce them. I always told my students to sound the names out the best they could and stressed that saying the names wrong wouldn’t make a difference to the story.  I wish I took my own advice!  I find myself saying the same name in different ways as I read which makes me irritated with myself.  Figure it out and stick with it Latisha!  


What’s the Verdict?

Overall, I loved The Culling and am looking forward to reading Subversive, the next book in the Lower Rising Series. I consider myself lucky to be on Eden Wolfe’s ARC team, as I won’t have to wait as long to get my hands on it.  While I wait I need to read the prequel, Deviants, to learn a bit more about the background of this series.  If you love science fiction, or even if you don’t, I think you should give this series a try.  I have never been into Science Fiction, but the Lower Rising Series has opened my mind to a whole new genre. Maybe it will do the same for you:)

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