Cry of the Shifters

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ISBN: 1949428052

🧙I received a copy of Cry of the Shifters from the author to read & review. Here is my honest review. 

🧙Love fantasy? Snatch-up Cry of the Shifters! Magic and mayhem galore make this a thrill to read. Hold on tight so you don’t fall off, and enjoy the ride! Whoo-hooo!


🧙Caitlin wakes up on her sixteenth birthday and has no idea who she is. She has a family but doesn’t recognize them. Yikes! Running off in frustration she comes across a grizzly site. She finds out that magic is a word not spoken in River Town. Saying it can cost your life. What??? 

🧙Death befalls many, and her family makes their way to the Silver Kingdom, looking for refuge. This trip contains many magical aspects and a high level of danger. There are shifters and witches in hiding because they are being hunted. Magical children are being kidnapped. The king harbors secrets. Caitlin finds she has strange abilities that make no sense to her. The oddities just keep coming as you read. Does Caitlin learn more about herself? I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ve really limited what I told you.  

My Thoughts

🧙This was a fun book to read. I am a recent fan of fantasy and this is a good one! Shifters are always interesting, right? A possible Shifter and human love connection, even better? Add in a conniving kingdom, and you have yourself a fun book! 

🧙The witch’s spells were pretty darn cool, and the plot flowed smoothly all the way to the end. It keeps you wondering, especially about Caitlin. What the heck is going on with her? I found myself forming alliances with some of the characters and really disliking others. This is a book that just reached out and gripped me! If you enjoy fantasy, shifters, witches, magic, and secrets, give Cry of the Shifters a read! I bet you will love it as much as I did.

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