a christmas cookie and coffee

Cookies, Coffee, & Christmas: A Short and Sweet Holiday Romance

a christmas cookie and coffee

Cookies, Coffee, & Christmas: A Short and Sweet Holiday Romance


The Gist

Emery lives in a close knit community, volunteering as much as she can between her two jobs.  She is fresh off a relationship with a cheating fool & a bit standoffish about finding a new man.  That doesn’t stop her friends & family from pushing her in that direction though.  

Someone has bought the Old Beaver Boards Mill, making her fear the worst, that the Mill and its many memories will be demolished.  

Grayson is new to town when Emery bumps into him at the cafe.  She is intrigued by him and much to her chagrin, can’t push him from her mind.  

The story continues intertwining these two characters with this close knit community.  

My Thoughts

I love the focus on the importance of volunteering in your community.  Emery knows this as it gives her the most purpose in life.  I volunteered at our local humane society for about 10 years and it was an eye opening experience that I wouldn’t trade.  I also reaped the benefits of parent volunteers during my teaching career.  I don’t know if they realize how helpful they were!  

Grayson brings in a bit of military background giving him a reason for being in this particular place.  He has a plan that might not fly with Emery or the community.  He is willing to listen to reason which is refreshing.  

Say What?

There are some crazy coincidences in Cookies, Coffee, and Christmas.  They may seem unlikely, but weirder things have happened!  Relationships can happen quickly, and whoozers, they do in this story.

The Verdict

This was another sweet romantic Christmas read for me to dive into in December.  These short stories are good for the mind and heart, especially now with so much uncertainty involving Covid.  Let your mind wander and read Cookies, Coffee, and Christmas.  It will be a welcome delight for your soul!

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