Coloring Life

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Published: 3/5/2021

Format: Kindle Edition



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 ➡️Vikki Alexander sent me this book with no expectations for a review. I am happy to write one though. I knew from the first few pages that I would be giving Coloring Life a five-star rating! Julie’s story is so honest and raw. It reads like she is talking to you personally.


➡️Julie is the main character. She had a crappy childhood with a mother and father who didn’t give love or protect her. She survived the trauma by pushing it aside but doing this wreaked havoc throughout her life. 

➡️She married Andrew feeling like most brides do; that she’s the luckiest woman alive. That quickly faded away as her marriage progressed. She found herself with a weirdo husband who couldn’t give her the love she needed. She attended therapy, working to figure out what to do with her out-of-control life. Her two children were her only happiness.

➡️Everything caught up with her eventually and she crashed. Does she recuperate? Can she stay in her marriage and be happy? Does she work through her childhood trauma?

💭My Thoughts

➡️I couldn’t put this book down. I read it in two days and was thrilled to find out there will be another book centered around Julie’s sister. Vikki Alexander writes as if she is Julie. Although I didn’t agree with many of Julie’s choices, I couldn’t wait to find out where she ended up in life. Life is complicated, hers more than anyone I know. That made it an intriguing story. Vikki has a new fan, me! I will be following her to read anything else she writes. I am thankful I asked her for this book. 







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