Color Blinded

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Published: 2021

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 0578941120

Color Blinded

Short Synopsis 

Color Blinded fits right into today’s society and the issues that are prevalent. It revolves around a crooked government, a Covid outbreak, and scientists searching for a cure. 

My Thoughts 

Color Blinded reads more like an informational briefing in story form due to its topic and seriousness. There are many technical terms and acronyms throughout the book. I didn’t think too much about what they meant and not knowing didn’t detract from the story. 

I liked reading about Covid since we are all dealing with it right now. The president and the cronies who put him in office, and ran the show behind the scenes, creeped me out a bit though. No matter what you think politically, the scenario in Color Blinded should bother everyone. 

Color blindness as a side effect was an interesting choice. I wonder what the long-term recriminations would be? The deviant idea that color blindness would be perfect because then everyone would see without color is disgusting. Not seeing people’s color wouldn’t make everyone white. I don’t see how that would be such an exciting thought for these people. I guess I don’t and don’t want to understand twisted minds. 

Scientists are a large part of Color Blinded. They are tasked with finding a cure as the government pushes them. This team comes up with an unusual way to administer the vaccine. All I will say is it involves water. 

I enjoyed this book even though it was a bit too technical and dry compared to my usual reads. There are no cute little romances or cuddly friendships, or thrills. The closest it gets to warm and fuzzy is Ricky’s relationship with his parents. If these topics interest you, pick up a copy of Color Blindness. 

Thank you to K S Gray for providing this book for me to read and review. 


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