a couple standing together

Close To Her Killer (A Boarding Case Mystery Book 3)

a couple standing together

Close To Her Killer (A Boarding Case Mystery Book 3)



I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  Agent Tina James is at it again in Close to Her Killer. Teenage girls, yes I said girls, at Hartford Boarding School are committing suicide using the same disturbing method. 

Agent James hits the ground running as she tries to protect Ella, a student who attempts suicide, while she continues her investigation at Hartford. The killer has the opposite idea when it comes to Ella. The clues are few and far between, but Ella was able to tell them about the voices; the voices that tried to make her do it.  Danger lurks everywhere and more than students might be in the line of fire.  

Close to Her Killer is book 3 of A Boarding Case Mystery.  Each mystery is short, making for a fast read.  I like following the main character, Agent Tina James, as she tries to solve cases while dealing with issues in her personal life. I am looking forward to learning what the heck is going on with the voices.  I have always read full size novels so I am not ready for the story to end when I read Tina’s adventures in a short story form.  I guess that is a pretty small problem to have in the overall scheme of things.  

If you like short mysteries, then you should give the Boarding Case Mysteries a read!  I’d suggest reading them in order.  I didn’t and wish I would have.

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