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The Christmas Lightkeeper

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ISBN: 979-8475237090

The Christmas Lightkeeper

Short Synopsis 

In The Christmas Lightkeeper, Kacy is an interior design assistant for a new hotel in Oregon Cascades, a mountainous winter oasis. Lee is a power lineman who is one of the good guys who is all about helping others. Their paths cross and life changes for both of them 

My Thoughts 

This book is a heartfelt, clean love story. Both main characters are top-notch individuals. Lee is a bit timid, kind, and helpful. Kacy is friendly and charitable, finding enjoyment in helping others. 

Their budding romance is pure and sincere. You can’t help root for such big-hearted, likable characters! 

Oregon Cascades shoots out wintery wonderland vibes. Their Christmas celebration is nothing less than a warm-hearted delight.

 Amongst the Christmas extravaganza, a storm keeps Kacy from driving home for Christmas. What could this mean for her love life? You shall see when you read The Christmas Lightkeeper!

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