a cave opening with a body of water below it


a cave opening with a body of water below it

 I will start by saying I had never heard the word “cenote” before, so it sparked my interest. Cenotes were the Mayans ’ source of water. A more mysterious part of the cenote is that they were considered to be an entrance to the underworld, known as the Xibalba.


💦Cenote begins with three newly graduated college women who head on a trip to Riviera Maya, graciously paid for by Jess’s social media followers and her father. Jess is all about recording every minute of their trip on all of the social media platforms. She’s all about keeping her subscribers happy and keeping her numbers up. 

💦Denise and Cloud are along for the ride but not especially thrilled about the trip. Cloud was unsure of what direction she was headed in life. All three end up on the ride of their lives as they explore a cenote. The beauty of the area turns dark when they discover something sinister while swimming at the outer entrance of a cenote. They make the decision to enter and life changes for all three of them. 

My Thoughts

💦I enjoyed reading Cenote. I learned a bit about cenotes and the mysteries surrounding them. The story was intriguing, but I think learning a bit more about the Mayan legends and Cloud’s family background would have filled-in some of the gaps as I read. There were some imaginative scenes towards the end of the book. There is definitely a creepy vibe to the story! If you enjoy legends and oddities, this is a good book for you!

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