Buried in the Dark (A Boarding Case Mystery Book 2)

Buried in the Dark book cover

Buried in the Dark (A Boarding Case Mystery Book 2)



The Gist

Buried in the Dark is a Boarding Case Mystery by Laura Greene.  It begins when Detective Tina James comes face to face with a break in situation at her own home.  She is new to town and hasn’t had much of a chance to settle in.  Work keeps her busy and threats seem to follow her wherever she goes.  This mystery involves high school students, a tutor, and a suicide.  With the help of Officer Barnes, Detective Tina works the case with a frenzy.  


My Thoughts

I enjoyed this mystery.  It was a quick read where one case takes you for a ride in a couple different directions. Getting a behind the scenes look at Tina’s personal life makes her more realistic, as oftentimes the police are almost like superheroes in many novels.  They do things that probably wouldn’t happen in real life.  The characters were all your typical individuals, without the crazy hype.  That is refreshing to find in a novel.  


Say What?

Buried in the Dark begins with Detective James being assaulted by a burglar in her home, even though she was being cautious as she searched through each room. I immediately thought, “Why the heck didn’t she wait for back-up after she called it in?”  I realize characters in books need to provide excitement to the reader though.  It does make an eventful opening for this story.


What’s the Verdict?

I am used to reading longer books, so this seemed short to me.  Of course that is what it should be, as it is a short story!  I would recommend this book to those of you who enjoy reading mysteries about crime, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to read and want to finish a book quickly.  This is book two in this series so you will have more short stories to continue on with Detective Tina James. 

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