Breaking Chaos

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ISBN: ‎979-8759094906

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Breaking Chaos

Grace Hamilton 


316 Pages

Short Synopsis 

Breaking Chaos continues the story of a small group of people who are trying to survive after an EMP disaster. I would suggest reading books 1 & 2 first to learn the whole story. 

A vicious attack forced them out of the factory they’d been living in. Now they have to figure out how to survive while running from the attackers. 

My Thoughts 

Breaking Chaos is full of action & intense moments between these two groups. One flees and the other continues to search for them. Problems ensue on both sides. 

I was thrilled that the factory group protected the teen that the attackers were after, as he’d been living with them for a while & is a good kid. 

I struggled to understand why his mother went to such extremes with her nasty group of hooligans to get him back when it was clear she had no affection for him. She dumped him with his father and never looked back. 

Will good win over evil? Can those who left the safety of the factory survive without it? Are mother & son reunited? Grab a copy of Breaking Chaos & find out. 

Thank you to the author for providing an ebook to read and review. 


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