Belladonna book cover

Belladonna (Belladonna, #1)




Published: 8/30/2022

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-0316158237


Short Synopsis

In Belladonna, Signa is a nineteen-year-old who has been shuffled from home to home. Her caretakers tend to pass away sending her on to the next home until, at 19, she moves in with the Hawthornes. 

There she gradually feels like she is part of a family. She spends time with family, learns proper etiquette, and snoops around a bit. There are also a few young men she shows interest in. 

When she suspects her cousin is being poisoned, she tries to figure out who is doing it. She’s not about to lose her after finally feeling like she belongs with this family.

As this is happening, she also has several encounters with death, who is a person of sorts. She has experienced this since childhood and always looked at death as negative. Now, she begins to see him differently. She realizes she has much in common with him and is drawn to him. 

Will Signa solve the mystery of who is poisoning her cousin? Who will she be drawn to romantically?

My Thoughts

Wow! Just wow! Belladonna is strikingly unique. Death as a person who has feelings, is patient,  and can have a relationship, what? I would have never thought of Death in this way. 

Belladonna’s connection to Death was odd, yet satisfying in a way. They are drawn to each other more and more as the book goes on. Belladonna is so unique and intriguing. I couldn’t get enough of it and found it hard to put down. 

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