bald child looking out window

Bald is Beautiful: A letter for a fabulous girl

bald child looking out a window

ISBN: 1985021730

Short Synopsis

Bald is beautiful is a picture book geared towards girls with cancer who lose their hair, especially children. 

My Thoughts

The idea behind this story is to help those affected by cancer & hair loss by letting them know they are still beautiful. I love that it was written specifically for this purpose. 

The age range given is 4-100+. I feel that it would be more of a 6-10 age range for a couple of reasons. It is a picture book. It is geared towards children, but I feel the wording is a bit above a young child’s vocabulary skills. 

The illustrations are beautiful. The eye is definitely drawn to the colors & scenes depicted. 

The idea of a Scarf & Hat Party is brought up and explained. I had never heard of this, but it is such a nice idea to help those who lose their hair. 

Bald is Beautiful is full of encouragement & positivity. I love that about it. 

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