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Apocalypse, Uploading

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Published: 6/1/2021


Whew-wee-mama! This is a good one if you are into apocalyptic stories. I have read many books in this genre and this one is truly unique. It isn’t the typical survival story. They do need to survive but not in a normal fashion.


The story begins with a small group of teenagers who are fighting to survive an unrealistic situation. They were able to do some kooky things that seemed to surprise them when they happened. There are odd encounters and the group needs to fight to survive. As they are doing that, they come to the conclusion that they are being manipulated somehow. 

Then the story moves to an underground bunker where they are living. They now know what happened to them and are awaiting full memory recovery. They find out that the apocalypse has happened and they were chosen for a program to save humanity. Some of them possess unusual qualities that the top dogs feel will make a superior race. They go through training to prepare them for a new life in an alternate universe.  

As they partake in this training, they learn of the underhanded lies and unnecessary death that has happened to get them to this point. They want the truth and do what needs to be done to get it. One thing is legitimate though; they will be the only survivors from the United States. The man who funded this program produces technology that makes traveling to an alternate universe possible. That means he decides who lives and who dies. Along with this group, six other countries are chosen as well.

Fighting for their right to the truth, they learn about events that were better forgotten. Working through the pain, they all stay on course. Will they make it to their new home? Not only that but will they survive if they get there, to this place called Beaslia? 

My Thoughts

I enjoyed the way this author phrased sentences. 

  • “The tick burrowed deeper still, breeding thoughts of charred flesh and his father’s screams.” 
  • “Unexpected curveball in hell.”

I felt the major characters were well-developed, each with a bit of background information. They all had unique personalities. I think I liked Beck the most. She just had that certain something that makes you click with a character. The only character that irritated me a bit was Brad, only because he said, “Bro” a lot. Yes, I realize that is something teen boys say a lot!

The plot was clear once you read past the initial challenge they faced. I must admit I was probably as confused as they were throughout this part.  From that point on, it went smoothly and quickly. I’m thanking my lucky stars that this is a series.  I feel a bit invested in these characters and want to know more. 

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