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Anxious People

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Folk med ångest


Anxious People didn’t disappoint.  I can’t get over how this author’s mind can spin to connect all of the characters throughout their lives, especially since they all seem like separate entities as you read about them. It must be incredibly confusing while writing. I am awestruck by Fredrick Backman.

People, in general, are anxious as every character in Anxious People depicts. The whole story revolves around a suicide; a man jumps off a bridge. This bridge then becomes the focal point of the book. 


This story starts with a bank robber who didn’t want to rob a bank. This bank robber merely needed money so as no to lose the children after an unforeseen split from a cheating spouse, which involved an affair with the bank robber’s boss. This unexpected mess drove the bank robber to do the unimaginable.

The robber makes a fool-worthy mistake, leaving the bank without money and looking for a place to hide from the police. This leads to a hostage situation at a real estate showing of an apartment in the neighborhood. 

There is a rather hodge-podge group of individuals looking at this particular apartment when the bank robber enters, pistol in hand. After this unfortunate introduction, this group gets to talking. They get to know each other a bit and hear the bank robber’s back story. From here, this rag-tag group joins forces to accomplish what they think will be the best outcome for the plight they are in.


Awestruck is the word that comes to mind when I think back on this story. Unknown interactions starting ten years earlier all come forward as Anxious People unfolds. This is a book revolving around average people and the issues they face. Issues that cause anxiety. The characters each face their problems in different ways and need to overcome their obstacles head-on to fully live. The hostages, as well as some other characters, help each other get to a better point in life. 

There are some surprises as the story unravels. There was one point where I found myself smacking my forehead with a realization; not literally, but in my mind! It was a “Holy Crow” moment for me. When you hit this point, it makes you look back to what you have already read and rethink it. 

I especially liked the ending. It was just what was needed to move these people on properly; they could now enjoy life in a different way. Although the characters were remarkably different, they learned from each other. That is what life is about, right? I certainly recommend Anxious People. It forces you to think as you enjoy a first-rate story!

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