Ada Lovelace

💻Thank you Inspired Inner Genius for providing me a copy of Ada Lovelace to read and review. Here is my honest review.

💻It was refreshing to see this book about an intelligent woman who was so advanced for her time. I had heard the name Ada Lovelace before, but can’t say as I knew much about her. Although this is a children’s book, I learned quite a bit about her. She was an amazing woman.

💻I am quite picky about illustrations in children’s books. I certainly enjoyed these ones. Plus, they are an excellent representation of the text, as they should be. I like how they add a little extra to the illustrations, like some computers floating in the scene. I like how the added details tie everything together.

💻I appreciate the small glossary because children need to learn how to use them, and they might as well start young. The muse museum is another fun touch. Framed pictures of all of the books’ historical geniuses are included. As more books are introduced, more pictures are added.


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