A Life Without Water (A Life Without #1)

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A Life Without Water


ISBN: 1950348202

Book Review

A Life Without Water wrung me out and hung me up to dry, in a good way! 

Short Synopsis

A young couple experiences love, loss, hate, and forgiveness as their lives move along. One moves on, the other doesn’t.  One hates and cannot forgive. After many years they are brought back together to tie up loose ends and work towards forgiveness. 

Carol (Caroline) and John were like fire and ice, yet they had shared a shared history. Their daughter brought them back together and neither of them realized how much they needed that to happen. You can’t run forever.  

My Thoughts

I’ve had A Life Without Water on hold at the library for weeks. I finally checked it out and read it as quickly as I could; it took two days. Wow, just wow! So much raw emotion and perseverance flowing out of the pages. Well written, down to earth, and every parent’s worst nightmare. My heart hurt for Carol & John. Their story is told by alternating between the present and the past. It doesn’t make it confusing and keeps the mystery alive until the end. The story is heavy but an excellent read. 

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