56 Days

56 Days

56 Days

ISBN: 1982694653

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🦠56 Days 

🦠Catherine Ryan Howard

🦠Psychological Thriller/Fiction

🦠320 Pages

🦠Short Synopsis🦠

🦠56 Days tells a story of a new relationship that begins shortly before the Coronavirus begins to alter how people live. It is also about the discovery of a dead body. Do these two things have any connections?

🦠My Thoughts🦠

🦠I am a bit on the edge on this one. I liked it, but it wasn’t one of those books I couldn’t put down. 

🦠I liked the inclusion of the Pandemic, as everyone can connect to that right now. It is the first book I’ve read that includes this. 

🦠The ending threw a curveball! I thought I had it all figured out, but alas, I wasn’t that clever! I love when a story surprises me. 

🦠The story itself was worth reading but didn’t give many highs and lows to keep me on edge. 

🦠I wasn’t thrilled with the way the timeline flip-flopped back & forth. The chapter titles tell if it is today, 35 days ago, 56 days ago, etc. 

🦠I didn’t click with any of the characters. I like to have at least one character that I have strong feelings toward. I didn’t have that with any of the characters in 56 Days. I found them all unlikable. 

🦠I’d say give 56 Days a chance but don’t expect the normal characteristics of a thriller. 

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