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After provides the reader with eight short post-apocalyptic stories, all written by different authors. Although some of them have a bit in common, these stories are not connected.

I am a huge post-apocalyptic book fan. However, I typically read series on this subject, so short stories were a change. Overall, I am not a short story lover as I tend to feel shorted at the end. 

Each author provides a quick read for those that like to zip through a story. Each story abounds with its version of life after the devastation. Creatures attack, soul suckers are on the move, and survival is not guaranteed as the characters deal with various chilling scenarios. 

I enjoyed some of these stories more than others, but you can make your own decisions. I tend to lean towards plots that have a realistic approach. Although fiction, I have specific ideas of what could happen after a disaster. People banding together and fighting for each other seems more likely than monsters, soul suckers, etc. Others might prefer their post-apocalyptic reading to have the excitement of these things. Each to their own, right?

Thank you to R&R Book Tours, the authors, and the publisher for providing an ebook for me to read and review.

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