Love in Bloom

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Love in Bloom

Love in Bloom is the first book in the Farmers’ Market Sisters series. The books are best read in order but can be read as standalones. 

Short Synopsis

Love in Bloom begins as Amber sells flowers at a Farmers’ Market. She grows them on her family’s farm, where her parents and six sisters work together to keep their generational farm afloat. Each child has a niche that provides a method of income. All are hard workers and extremely family oriented. 

When a handsome man named Flynn buys an expensive bouquet from Amber, sparks fly. But, is he spoken for already? Who are the flowers for? Can Amber have a relationship and keep up with her devotion to her family’s farm? 

My Thoughts

Love in Bloom is a clean and gentle love story, perfect for Valentine’s Day reading! I use the word gentle because it is almost as if the sisters and their parents come from an earlier generation with their love for each other, work ethic, and proper morals. It is refreshing to see this!

This book is a quick read. I am glad there will be more books to tell the story of the other six sisters. I enjoy the innocence of these characters, especially during such a stressful time during the pandemic. Reading this takes you straight to the farm, enclosing you in flowers and love. 

Thank you to the author, Elysia Strife, for providing me with this ebook to read and review.

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