Dragged Up And Torn Apart

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Published: 11/19/2021

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 1739907809

Dragged Up and Torn Apart

Dragged Up and Torn Apart is a poignant look at how child abuse can be considered normal when children don’t know any better. 

Short Synopsis 

Cain and his twin brother Neil grew up running the streets, stealing and learning about life on their own. Their mom was neglectful and often punished with a heavy hand. 

When confronted with some issues as an adult, Cain talks to a psychologist. This is where he learns his childhood was not great or normal, and now he needs to deal with the trauma it left behind. 

My Thoughts 

I am not a big nonfiction reader, but I follow Cain Quillman on Instagram. His sense of humor made me curious about his book. I am glad because it gives a bold look at how childhood trauma can carry to adulthood, written with a good dose of humor. It may sound unlikely that abuse can be reported using humor, but alas, Cain has done it. 

I like how he starts and ends the book with a visit to a psychologist who helps him see how his childhood trauma led to his adult issues. 

I found myself talking to his parents and others in my head, trying to keep them from making poor decisions, hating the way they lived at times. 

Following the boys throughout their childhood was gut-wrenching at times. They had no guidance or real love and had a father who moved on to a new family, leaving them behind. There was no one to nurture them; therefore, they felt no remorse during acts of unsavory behavior. 

The writing is raw, making you feel like a witness as their lives unfolded. I love the author’s candor and honesty. He had to split those childhood wounds wide open to force them to heal correctly. 

Now, I wait patiently for the next book to learn more about Cain’s shenanigans and path to overcoming his childhood trauma.

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