Thine Eyes of Mercy

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ISBN: 1644504073

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Thine Eyes of Mercy 

Birth of the Fae Series

Danielle M. Orsino 


232 Pages

Thine Eyes of Mercy revs up your fantasy-loving side! 

Short Synopsis 

Thine Eyes of Mercy is book two of this series. I haven’t read the first one yet, but that didn’t interfere with my understanding. I am going to read the first one as soon as I can!

The Court of Dark Fae and The Court of Light Fae fought for ages. Both sides decided it was time for this war to end, negotiating a peace treaty. Will this treaty last?

Both courts realize that humans have changed throughout the many years of war. Queen Mary, a human, asks for a favor and agrees to the terms presented to her. There will be dire consequences if they aren’t adhered to. Will she keep her promise, or will she be called out on her betrayal? 

My Thoughts 

Thine Eyes of Mercy is an intense read full of vividly detailed language. This fantasy plays in the head as a fantastical movie full of action and special effects. Bold colors and patterns come to life. Danielle has a way with words!

There are many memorable characters between the Fae, the dragons, and the humans. 

I love this book! The story captivated my attention from page one. The writing is superb, the plot effective and well thought out. 

Last but not least are the little extras in this book. The cover is striking with its bold colors. There are borders and designs on the first page of every chapter and a small design on the top and bottom of each page. The topping on this cake is a map of The Veil.  

If you enjoy fast-paced, vivid fantasy, check out Thine Eyes of Mercy!

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