My Mother's Eyes book cover

My Mother’s Eyes: A Short Story

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Published: 12/17/2021

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 979-8785378308

My Mother’s Eyes

My Mother’s Eyes draws you in immediately as you are thrown headfirst into a heartbreaking situation. 💔

Short Synopsis 

Jordie is a fourteen old boy who uses drawing to deal with his mother’s coma. With no pictures of her to look at, he is having a tough time remembering her eyes. He draws picture after picture, frustrated with himself. 

Reading Jeremy’s words takes me into the hospital room where raw emotion is spilling over. Jordie and his older brother see their mother in very different ways. Neither understands the other. Can they come to terms with their mother’s situation?

My Thoughts 

Although fictional, My Mother’s Eyes feels real as you read it. These boys are going through hell, trying to hold on to their mother in ways that work for them. This is a sad story, but well-written and emotionally unforgettable. 

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