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Enough is Enough

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ISBN: 1956994033

Enough is Enough 

Enough is Enough is a poignant look at spousal abuse. 

Short Synopsis 

Elena started out with a beautiful marriage resulting in her daughter Hope’s birth. 

Then, her police officer husband, Jim, is injured at work. He can no longer work and hits rock bottom, drinking and abusing Elena. Then one night he loses it and Elena is left to rebuild her life. Can she overcome her past?

My Thoughts 

I love Laura’s writing style! It sucks me into the story from the get-go, making me cringe at times and root for the characters as they move forward. 

This book does an amazing job of showing how spousal abuse affects the abused partner. Elena has a daughter to think about, and her husband knows how to keep her under his thumb. 

Laura told Elena’s story without being overly graphic, yet was point on. 

This is a story of love, violence, and new beginnings. Books such as this are eye-opening. 

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