christmas tree on book cover

Snowed in at Christmas by Michele Brouder

christmas tree on book cover

Snowed in at Christmas

The Gist

A relaxing few days at a resort in upstate New York is just what the doctor ordered.  Both David and Martina need a few days rest.  They both end up traveling through a snowstorm to find the cabins snowed in.  All the occupants stay together in the main lodge waiting out the storm. David and Martina are the only single people there.  What could happen in that situation?

My Thoughts

I like these quick Christmas stories.  Snowed in at Christmas brings two people together because of an act of God.  Add a fire in the fireplace, a few other people, and a German Shepard and you have a quaint little love story.  The characters’ personalities lit up the resort. This is another book to read when you are feeling the Christmas spirit.

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