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virus, covid, science The latest change in Michigan is closing the high schools for three weeks starting on November 18th.  Pre-K through 8th grade can continue on in school as they have been. Each district can choose to close all grades, but I doubt if many will.  They are saying that over 50% of the cases are from high school students.  The district I retired from has 7th-12th graders in the same building, but only 9th-12th graders will be learning virtually. 


Teachers are overwhelmed and under supported.  No one can seem to agree on the best way to handle Covid and education.  There are people who agree and disagree with all the decisions being made.  That separates and irritates all involved.  Social media gives all of those people a voice, which is often unbecoming.  The government makes decisions that limit what the administration can do.  The administration and school board then make decisions that limit what the teachers can do.  The parents are trying to make the best decision for their families while many try to continue working.  They want their families to be safe and still have to work to support their families.


I am thankful that I am retired and that my boys are adults so I don’t have to personally deal with these issues anymore.  I certainly know how the teachers are feeling as I felt it last year, and even decided to retire partly due to Covid issues.  I know that educational issues due to Covid are frustrating to everyone involved.  Don’t make it worse by attacking others.  Chances are the ones you attack are only doing what they are told to do so they can support their families.  More than likely, they don’t agree with everything they have to do either, but they don’t have a choice.  Give others grace.  I can tell you that the teachers I worked with for twenty-five years worked and continue to work hard for your children. They have your child’s best interests at heart,  even when they feel beaten down.   

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