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sale, icon, signI am a bargain hunter!  The only thing better than a bargain deal is winning items in a giveaway.  One of the easiest way to keep informed of the newest offers is to join social media groups and/or find websites that list offers and giveaways daily.  Many of these groups even do giveaways for their members.  I have won many things over the years, small and large.  The largest win so far was a $1000 instant win from Lay’s Potato Chips.  The smallest was a candy bar.  I’ve won a cat cabin worth $100, candy, movie tickets, popcorn, & pop, free photo prints, a towel, a water bottle, ear phones, a t-shirt, gift cards, free item coupons, and hats.  How do I do it?


I use the giveaway and contest lists on the social media pages and websites that I’ve linked above this article.  That way I know they aren’t scams.  I go right down the list and enter the instant wins daily.  There are also giveaways that go on for a certain amount of time, then the winners are chosen.  Some of these let you enter daily, some let you enter a certain amount of times, and some only let you enter once. 


I have a separate email account for giveaways because you often have to sign up for newsletters.  That way they are not with my normal email and I don’t have to sift through them for important items.  It also lets me know where to look for wins, as they typically email you. 


There are also social media giveaways.  Each one is unique and you need to make sure to do everything it asks you to do.  You usually need to share their post and tag friends.  I ask people before I tag them so I don’t irritate them.  Some of the groups have tag buddies that you can use as well.  The social media giveaways notify you in different ways.  Some tag you in the post.  Some send you a private message.  Some just mention it in the post.

This all takes time, but it is also up to you how many you do daily or if you even do them daily. The time it takes is worth it to me. There is nothing like the thrill of a win, especially a big one!


  • Join social media groups and find websites about freebies and giveaways
  • Use a separate email for giveaways and contests
  • Enter daily
  • Check your email for wins as some only give you a certain amount of time to claim your prize

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