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Repost for @lauralukasavageauthor and ARC readers needed!

😱 It’s Nearly Here😱

🪔Will’s Awakening🪔

Times drawing close and looking for my group of next ARC readers.

Calling all ARC readers. Anyone from the past who’s interested message Laura. Anyone new interested do the same.


I spin in the direction that I heard someone whisper my name. The voice sounds so familiar. It sounds like…but it can’t be. West? Frantically, I look all around me, but there’s no one in sight.
“Will.” The voice travels to me again but sounds further away now.
I start to run in the direction I think it’s coming from.
“Will, I need you. Find me.” The voice is even lower now, almost impossible to hear.
“West!” I shout.
I can feel him, but I feel like I’m losing him all over again. I run as fast as my legs can carry me until I trip over something on the ground, and my face gets covered in a cloud of dirt. I fight back a choke and straighten myself up once more and run, run like I’ve never run before.
“Find me, Will.”

Message @lauralukasavageauthor on Instagram if interested.

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